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Dating provides a way for us to meet and get to know our potential soul mates and life partners. This being said, it is important to make sure that when going on a date, one does not do things that sabotage their chances at getting another date or ruin the chances for a relationship that has the potential t be something meaningful. Below are a few of the things that one needs to avoid when setting up a date or when on the actual date:

•    Using that old picture. This especially applies to online dating websites. When creating a profile, it is best to use a current picture regardless of how unconfident one feels. It is better to not get a date than having an awkward date where the date spends the entire time trying to find similarities between their date and the picture they say online. This is a sure way to sabotage oneself because the potential date will assume that they are a liar, insecure or both. 


•    Bad breath. There is nothing attractive about someone who makes one want to cover their nose lest they pass out due to bad breath. Good grooming, in general, is very important brush those teeth and chew on some breath mints if necessary. Tales have been told of dates with such bad breath that it was impossible to hear a thing they said. Bad breath can be quite distracting for the date. This goes with a good shower and maybe even a little cologne. Bottom line is that body odor of whatever kind is a big no-no and should be 

•    Friends on the first date. If the date goes well and plans are made for future dates and there is a mutual attraction then one can make plans to introduce their date to friends. This should never be on the first date since it is a chance for the two to get to know each other and to be with friends does not exactly facilitate intimacy. Some women will want to bring a friend or two which gives the date a feeling of mistrust ruining the date right off the bat.

•    Talking about a past relationship. This usually affects people who have been in a long term relationship and from having been let down. It is very common to have a date who keeps talking about their ex, and this can end up boring their date to end. It is best to deal with past relationships before jumping into the dating scene to avoid the impulse to bad mouth the past relationship. It is a big turn-off to have to sit there and listen how one hates their ex and all the little annoying thing that they did.

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Online dating business is thriving, and online dating companies are raking in the moolah. There is a 45% jump in this business in last five years. But everyone is not fortunate enough to find his love of life; in fact, there is a huge user complaint list about online dating sites and their fake profiles. Many people meet impostors who cheat them by taking huge amount of money. It also claimed that, there is 60% of profiles on are deceitful. One customer lost millions on the dating site, and The Better Business Bureau has listed online dating scam among top 10 scam list of 2011. is one of the huge sites, operating across 25 countries in more than eight languages and has millions of accounts from people who are keen on finding the love of their life. There is no doubt that it is one of the best sites for online dating, but the recent scam has sent shivers down the spine, when 12 women were duped of millions of dollars. Lovenet-jp review stated that, the main reason behind the scam is, does not do the background check ups for any of its subscribers. Anyone can have a fake profile with fake name and pictures.

Every online dating site has its own way of letting people know about their relationships status, such as email, texting, post etc, but many relationships which grow on online dating site, slowly go off-site and people start connecting via mails, text and phone, then there is no way match.con can make users aware of fake profiles, and online dating sites cannot do enough to protect their users, said spokesman. As many users have commented that, you are paying for the security services, which you are never going to get and the commitment made by site owners is not kept.

Another user claims that she was using for three weeks but could not find even one suitable profile. She got requests from people in other countries, with different ethnic backgrounds, something she was not interested in. So the user had to cancel the account in the wake of requests from unsuitable people.

So, if you are one of the users of online dating site, there are high chances that you may get trapped in this kind of scam and may lose money in hopes to get the love your life. As many experts have also said that many people are not aware of this kind of scam in the online world. Additionally, many victims of online dating site do not admit or stop people from reporting the offense due to the embarrassment. So this is one of the reasons that most users of this dating site are knowingly becoming a part of unfortunate scam.

Users should, for this reason, exercise caution while meeting new people online and should not share confidential information. You should refrain from sharing emails and phone numbers right at the start, and if anyone asks for money, you should be aware. If you take these simple steps for your safety, you will not be affected by online scams.

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For many years, online dating was considered a place where people went looking for quick dates. It was also thought to be the place people go when they are desperate for mates. That was then today, thanks to dating sites like; that view is steadily changing to something as it becomes a popular place for people to meet, get to know each other and become mates. There are good dating sites, and there are the not-so-serious ones. Find a good dating site and where you will post a profile and this is why:


While there are instances where dates from online dating have turned ugly, it is not as dangerous as it is thought to be. This is because most responsible dating sites will let you hide your identity until you feel confident enough to meet your date in person. Sites like have all the necessary precautions you need to take before making the step to meet that person you have been chatting with online.


With prices averaging around $30 per month for the paid services like, it is affordable to date online. You can take advantage of coupons to save more on membership.It actually translates to about a dollar a day and in most cases less than that. Comparing to all the blind dates you would have to go to that have been set up by your friends or relatives, who are all too eager to see you hooked up and what it would cost to hang out online? You will be saving a tidy sum meeting your prospects online.


No chance meeting probabilities

Online dating is open every day of the year and at all times. You do not have to figure out your chances of meeting someone you would like when going to work or at the party your friend is throwing next month. You have millions of prospects at your fingertips, and it doesn’t matter that you are far from them or that they are in a different time zone.

Get to know one another better

You will be taking a very big risk if you will be meeting somebody you do not know very well. It does not matter how you got talking, online or otherwise. Online dating provides you the opportunity to get to know your date a lot better because you can even chat and call for months on sites like before you actually meet face to face. By then you will have a very good idea of what he or she is like. 

Spoilt for choice

Unlike the social places where the people you really fancy are few and far in between, you are spoilt for choice if you go online. This is because you will have a wide field to choose from. When you are online, you can whittle down the millions, like those on to those that meet your expectations, and then you get to know those better. In social places where singles meet, you are stuck with what is available and in most cases, not much.